Setting Up Shop

Welcome to my new little home on the internet where I plan to cook and bake my way through the nearly 2,000 recipes that have been collecting dust on my Pinterest boards over the last 4 years.

The first recipe is on deck for the end of the week, so let’s set some ground rules, shall we?

Things not to expect on this blog (for now):

  • Fancy confections. I’m not the beginningest of beginners, but something like this is well beyond my skill set. (Though it’s on my Pinterest board, so we’ll see how that goes…)
  • Proper supplies. I’m working with the bare minimum, friends.
  • Original recipes. I don’t know the first thing about inventing my own recipes. We’re strictly aping off the internet here.
  • Cool website-y things. I’m using the free version of WordPress and know nothing about web design.

Things to expect on this blog (for always):

  • Food that looks like it was in a car accident, but probably tastes pretty good. You’ll have to trust me.
  • Thoughts on Nurse Jackie, books I’m reading, and Los Angeles
  • Questionable photography
  • Pictures of my family’s puppy
  • A lot of chocolate
  • Periodic baking/cooking playlists
  • Irregular posts. The point of this blog is to follow through and attempt the things I’ve set out to make, but I also have a job and responsibilities and TV to watch. As long as I keep coming back, we’ll consider it a success.

I think that about covers it for now. I’ll see you here next week with homemade Oreos that may or may not look and taste like Oreos. Wish me luck!


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